Monday, June 17, 2019

Friend Encounters: Heather Furr and Alli Alberts

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Today's feature is special for a couple reasons. First, this is about two friends, who are two celebrities (or vice versa). Heather Furr and Alli Alberts Hall of Fame Legends Football League players. We became friends during my many years of covering them on the Bliss.
This specific picture is special, too. Where are their uniforms? The ladies traded in their uniforms for more appropriate dresses considering this was taken at Alli's wedding. The ladies look even more beautiful than when in uniform.
Heather was one of the toughest and smartest players I ever saw and that includes men. Too often criticized for a lack of arm strength, Heather was a true leader at QB  A multi-time league MVP and champion, "The Rockstar" was a pleasure to watch, cover and know. She currently is a real estate agent in Chicago. Follow her at @HeatherFurr on twitter for real estate info and other fun stuff.
Alli is also a multi-time LFL champ. A threat on offense or defense, Alli has been a game-changer either way. Despite playing the rough game of football, Alli is a very skilled dentist. Go to @AlliAlberts on twitter for your dental needs and other stuff, too.
I have a lot of respect for these ladies. They gave me a lot of great memories on the field and some fun interviews and chatter off the field.
Heather Furr and Alli Alberts in St. Louis, MO-November 2017.

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