Friday, July 19, 2019

Barb Jordan and the NPF Playoffs

Barb Jordan was an outstanding amateur, collegiate and pro softball player. Currently, she is a color analyst on National Pro Fastpitch broadcasts.
I always like seeing Barb at the ballpark. Her presence usually means it is a special game. In the NPF, nothing is more special than the upcoming championship series to be held in Rosemont starting on August 15 and continuing for a best of five series.
As a former player on all levels, Barb brings a wealth of knowledge. That might sound cliche, but it is fact with Barb. She is very "hands on" with the league and the players. Unlike other sports that bring in big names who have not been involved, Barb is the best choice to provide color commentary during broadcasts. Barb and Eric Collins provide a completely enjoyable listening experience.
Barb is also a popular figure around the park. As a long time fixture on the softball scene, everyone knows her and wants a piece of her time, including me. Fortunately, Barb is very giving and fan-friendly. She always makes time for small chats and pictures. She is a great ambassador for the sport and the league.
I expect the Bandits to face the USSSA Pride in the championship series again. I know it will be an exciting finish to what has been a really fun season.
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Barb Jordan and me in Rosemont, IL-June 2019.

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