Sunday, July 21, 2019

Buff Is The Stuff

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell had an interesting wrestling career. He has enjoyed a lot of success, but probably not as much as he should have had.
Debuting in 1990, Bagwell went on to be a 5x tag team champ. Unfortunately, he didn't ascend to the next level of major success as a singles wrestler as many expected.
WCW was a mess during most of his time there. Some also said he created some of his own problems. In either case, when the WWE eventually bought WCW, Bagwell was one of the first wrestlers signed. His WWE stint lasted less than a month. His first match is not fondly remembered by any fan. Was it his fault or was he doomed from the start? Wrestling can be very petty and political.
Since his release from the WWE, Bagwell has wrestled on the indy scene, as well as made public appearances. I've met him many times and he has always been a great guy.
He usually has his trademark hat with him for fans to wear for pictures. It's a simple thing, but very effective. It's amazing what a gimmick can do for a celebrity at public appearances. Just having that hat might bring several more fans to his table.
Bagwell might never have been "The Man," but Buff will always be the stuff. If you see him at an appearance, you will not be disappointed.
You can follow him @MarcBuffBagwell on twitter. He's pretty active and entertaining there.
Marcus Bagwell and me in Chicago, IL-September 2013.

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