Thursday, July 11, 2019

On the Beat With Bobby Easley, Michelle Morris and Dustin Kay at Days of the Dead 2019

I spent last weekend at Days of the Dead horror convention in Indianapolis. I have met many creative folks over the years at DotD and am honored to call some of them my friends. Bobby Easley, Michelle Morris and Dustin Kay are three of those creative friends and they are creating something cool right now.
I first met all three several years ago and have seen their careers blossom over the years. We have done several interviews and I have seen several private screenings of their various projects. I am always highly entertained and impressed with their work.
It's always tricky watching the work of friends How would I give an honest opinion if I disliked the product? Fortunately, I have really, honestly liked everything I have seen from this group.
At Days of the Dead, I had the pleasure of catching up with the trio and interviewing them. They gave me the scoop on their latest project. Versiera is an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation of “The Dreams in the Witch House,” originally written and published in the 1930's. Michelle (also professionally known as Portia Chellelynn) plays Alice Gilman, the main character (changed from Walter Gilman in the original).
Just listening to Bobby, Michelle and Dustin discuss this project, you can feel the passion and excitement they have for it. They are hustlers in the best sense of that word and you cannot help but get caught up in the fervor. Based on the past and what I hear about this project, that anticipation will be rewarded once we see the finished film.
While the details were held to a minimum at this point, they assured me I will get more details as the project progresses. Bobby mentioned November as a possible time and that coincides with Days of the Dead in Chicago. I am holding them to an update interview there and will continue to bring info and updates as I get them.
Along with the talk of Versiera, the trio also briefly discussed other projects they have in the works. As I said, they are busy and we all benefit from the entertainment they provide.
Until then, enjoy this interview with Bobby, Michelle and Dustin. Keep an eye out for Versiera!

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