Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kool-Aid Man Loves Johngy's Beat

I always appreciate a shout out from celebrities, but this one is one o the most unique and one of the koolest. I probably should have waited until Mascot Week to run this celebrity testimonial, but it was too kool to wait that long.
Every August 9-11, Kool-Aid celebrates the invention of Kool-Aid in 1927 by Edwin Perkins by hosting Kool-Aid Days, a multi-day festival full of family fun. In conjunction with that, Kool-Aid Man was kind enough to make a special sign for Johngy's Beat. Unfortunately, we did not get this in time to celebrate Kool-Aid Days in a timely fashion, but it's always a good time to celebrate Kool-Aid, especially with a tall ice-cold glass of Kool-Aid (I prefer pineapple flavor).
Thank you to Kool-Aid Man and the Kraft Heinz Corporation for the consideration. Cheers!

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