Monday, September 9, 2019

Friend Encounters; Rhian Rees and Michael West

Friend Encounters is a weekly series in which I feature friends who have met celebrities.

Today I present another Friend Encounter which features two celebrities, although author Michael West would eschew that label. Michael is a celeb though.
I first met Michael when he had a table at Days of teh Dead Indy several years ago. The Indiana native was promoting one of his books and I interviewed him. That can be found at On the Beat with Michael West.
Since then, I have seen Michael as a promoter and a fan at various conventions. He has built quite a bibliography, writing many award-winning books. Horror is his genre and he does it well. I have a few of his books on my shelf.
Michael met actress Rhian Rees earlier this year. The young actress is building her resume, but is probably best known for her role in 2018's Halloween. It is cool to see a young actress like Rees doing conventions. Of course, it is also probably smart, as she will get new fans from these appearances. I know I would like to meet her, based on her work and how nice she was according to Michael.
Check out ByMichaelWest for more info on this talented author. Also, be on the lookout at various comic and horror cons, because Michael just might be in attendance with or without a booth.
Michael West and Rhian Rees in Cincinnati, OH-March 2019.

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