Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Happy Birthday Matt

Today is my nephew Matt's birthday. While he will probably celebrate with his wife and infant daughter, I am celebrating "Big Money" here.
Matt is everything I would want in a nephew. We have done so much fun stuff together, I couldn't even begin to list everything. Over the years, I have written about many of the fun events here on the Beat.
Speaking of the Beat, Matt is responsible for lots of parts of this little site. As contributor Extraordinaire, he has worked camera, helped with interviews, edited video and much more. He is also responsible for many of the Johngy's Beat cartoon logos, including the part of adding the other logos to the Johngy character short.
I don't get to see Matt as much, because he's got a family and is carving his own life, but it is always a great time when we are all together. We slide right back into the same jokes and bets (much to the dismay of others around us).
Happy birthday, Big Money! Have a great day. I love you.
Matt Parker and me in Skokie, IL-May 2019.


TwinCityKillaz said...

Happy Birthday Matt!
Your uncle is one of the great ones...and I beat Jean to the punch on commenting!
Chicago Pizza in the pic looks scrumptious, but the poster of "Mongo" McMichael in the background is priceless!

Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday, Matt ....
Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Matt. Hope you had a great day!