Saturday, November 2, 2019

K Lynn Smith and For Goodness' Sake

K Lynn Smith is a talented artist and writer based in Michigan. I first met her several years ago at a comic con and I have been a fan ever since.
She is the creator of Plume, a western story which debuted in 2011. It features a woman and her supernatural guardian searching for stolen artifacts and uncovering mysteries from the past. Immensely popular internationally, the Plume series seemingly reach an end, but K Lynn hinted at short, select revisits to the story in the future.
While Plume has concluded (for now?), she has kept busy. Her newest work is a series called For Goodness' Sake. The story focuses on troubled Thatcher and free-spirited Rayne as they travel, trying to help his issues, while surviving each other.
For Goodness' Sake is self-published and K Lynn is seeking backers via a Kickstarter page. As usual with Kickstarter pages, K Lynn offers various rewards based on levels of pledges. Depending on your pledge, you can get pins, a PDF, the actual book, a commission and more. There is even the possibility of being drawn into the book. How cool is that?!
You can get all of the info and pledge by checking out the For Goodness' Sake Kickstarter page. As of this writing, the project is close to the goal, but more is always better. It runs through the early morning of November 28, but jump on the bandwagon now!
Go to for more info. Also, follow K Lynn at Plume Comic on Facebook and at @KLynnTweets on twitter for more frequent updates and news.
K Lynn Smith and me in Chicago, IL-March 2018.

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