Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Kal Herro and Blizzard Brawl 2019

Last weekend, I had a blast at as Great Lakes Championship Wrestling presented Blizzard Brawl: Challenge of the SuperFriends.  I was especially looking forward to this one, because it would be the first time I saw Kal Herro wrestle.
I don't "know" Kal very well, but I have seen him grow up over the years. Now, as a high school senior, he is just starting a pro wrestling career. He has a few matches under his belt, but I wasn't able to see any of them until Saturday.
Kal is a fine young man. I follow him and his dad David on social media and see them together at various comic cons and other wrestling events. I admire their bond. It's quite heartwarming.
Kal already has a unique look and a following. Of course, it helps that his father promotes events, but Kal works hard and earns everything her gets. I think Kal and his father have too much respect for the business and for each other to have it any other way.
Through social media, I see how hard Kal is working and that work is paying dividends.What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in attitude and work ethic. The experience will only come with time and in-ring action.
Speaking of in-ring action, Kal was involved in a six-man tag match. While I would have liked to see Kal go in a singles match, to see him perform more, it was an interesting match. Because it was a six-man match, Kal didn;t see a ton of action, but he saw some solid action. He received some killer chops and sold them like an old pro. He delivered some offense, too. It was a limited view, but Kal looked solid. He'll only get better with more matches.
He is a young work in progress, but he has a great start and I see him eventually in the WWE, if he chooses to continue his path. He has charisma, athleticism and intangibles. I look forward to following his career wherever it leads. I also look forward to seeing him wrestle in the near future.
There was plenty of other action Saturday. My other stories can be found at Blizzard Brawl Rocked Kenosha! for Patch.com and also Report and Photos From Blizzard Brawl on WrestlingFigs.com.
Thank you to David Herro for his hospitality and consideration. GLCW is a first class operation and it all starts with David.
Check out GLCW for more info. Also, check the GLCW Facebook page for more frequent updates.
Kal Herro and me in Kenosha, WI-December 2019.

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