Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy Birthday Scott

I will poke and compete with Scott Parker almost any day, but today is his birthday and I'll give him his props.
It's hard to believe all of the fun we've had over all the years. It's even hard to believe how many years it's been. It's over 36 years now.
My brother-in-law by title, Scott is much more like my brother. He has helped me and supported me in far too many ways to list. He wouldn't keep score anyway, but I am forever grateful for everything. Mostly, I am just grateful for his friendship.
Despite beinga White Sox fan, Scott enjoyed the Cubs World Series run of 2016. Scott, Jean and I watched an exciting playoff game in Las Vegas and Scott was cheering for the Cubs (as odd and disturbing as that was).
Scott (and Jean) have played host so many times in Florida and Michigan. They always make everyone feel welcome, but one of the real highlights is Scott's grilling. Grillmaster Pork has quite a way around the grill. My mouth waters just thinking about his meals.
I am sure he will be celebrating in Florida (and I am so jealous as I freeze in Chicago), but I toast him from here. Happy birthday Pork! Enjoy your day!
Scott, Jean and me in Florida-February 2018.


Jean Parker said...

Scott had a good day celebrating in Miami ... see you in March!!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Scott.