Friday, March 6, 2020

On the Beat With James Finn Garner at C2E2 2020

My coverage of C2E2 for started yesterday with an interview featuring artist Ali Cantarella. Today, my coverage continues with Johngy's Beat Special Contributor (and the IPW Chicagoland champ) Joey Roth's interview with best-selling author James Finn Garner.
Detroit native and University of Michigan grad, James moved to Chicago many years ago. While he won a Hopwood Award for one of his short plays in college, James really developed and honed his writing skills in Chicago.
James performed some improv comedy and wrote Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, his first book. His debut book has sold more than 2.5 million copies in the United States. It spent 65 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list. He has written several other books, including the Rex Koko, Private Clown series.
James talks more about the Rex Koko series in the interview below, but in short, it is three (so far) clown noir mysteries. It truly is unlike anything I have ever read. The three books, Honk Honk My Darling, Double Indignity and The Wet Nose of Danger, reside on my bookshelf at home and I have reread each a few times.
At a convention like C2E2, it is easy for the creative folks in Artist Alley to get lost in the shuffle, but James always stands out. Attired in full Rex Koko clown gear, James is an attraction all by himself. The clown costume might draw people to his booth, but it is his wit that sells his books. I have interviewed many authors and I certainly could not afford to buy everyone's books, but I make the exceptions for the best and the Rex Koko series is the best of the best.
Thank you to James for his time, consideration and friendship. Thanks to Joey for his excellent mic work. Thanks to C2E2 for the hospitality.
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