Friday, March 13, 2020

On the Beat With Princess Etch at C2E2 2020

My coverage of C2E2 2020 for has featured interviews with artist Ali Cantarella, author James Finn Garner, parodist Paul Erickson, comics creator Art Baltazar and comic book writer and artist Franco Aureliani. Today, Johngy's Beat Special Contributor (and IPW Chicagoland champ) Joey Roth interviews Princess Etch.
In reality, Princess Etch is Jane Labowitch, a Chicago-based artist whose palette is Etch A Sketch. Her unique art style dates back to her toddler years. She is self-taught through years of “playing” (creating) with Etch A Sketch. Aside from her illustrations on Etch A Sketch, she has a BFA in illustration.
I first saw and interviewed Princess Etch two years ago at C2E2 2018. In covering Princess Etch, Johngy's Beat joined other media outlets including Reddit, CNN, the Huffington Post and the Cartoon Network.
Artist Alley has hundreds of creators. There is a lot of awesome art, but nothing like what Princess Etch does. Her booth is always one of the most popular. We all played with Etch A Sketch as kids, but very few of us ever made anything really cool and none of us mastered it like Princess Etch does.
This has made me question why she is Princess and not Queen. I will have to ask her that the next time I see her.
I hope you enjoyed the interview with Princess Etch and the rest of my coverage of C2E2. This concludes this portion of my coverage of C2E2 2020. Stay tuned throughout the year for more coverage of other C2E2 related news.
Go to to learn more about Jane and see a lot of her fantastic creations. Check for updates and news. Also, follow Joey Roth on social media.
Thanks to Princess Etch for her time, consideration and friendship. Thanks to Joey for his fantastic mic work. Thanks to C2E2 for the hospitality.

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