Monday, April 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Jean

Today I celebrate my sister Jean's birthday. There's not much celebrating anywhere today, but we must take happiness when we can and we must make our lives as normal as possible.
I was supposed to be in Florida last month to celebrate my birthday late or her birthday early or really, just to have a good time. Unfortunately, those plans got shelved due to the health crisis.
The picture below makes me so happy and I am sure it makes Jean and Scott happy, too. Little Delaney is such a joy to all. Jean and Scott are proud and happy grandparents. While it is odd seeing my sister as a grandmother, it is so heartwarming. She is such a loving, giving person. Delaney is one lucky little girl. I am just as lucky as her brother.
I couldn't ask for two better sisters. I celebrate their birthdays, but I also give thanks for them.
The worldwide pandemic is keeping all of us apart, but I send love and best wishes to Jean today for a happy birthday and we will all celebrate soon. I love you, Jean!
Jean, Delaney and Scott in Florida-February 2020.


Jean Parker said...

Thanks dear brother ... I miss you and Nancy too ... hoping we can get together soon!!
luv ya,

Nancy said...

Love you both. Hope you had a good birthday Jean.