Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tommy Else and the Or Else Podcast Network

Over the many years I have known Tommy Else, he has gone from a wrestler-to-be who I interviewed to a great friend. He has also been a Johngy's Beat contributor, my Resistance broadcast partner, a loyal supporter and even the occasional thorn in my side.
A while back, Tommy invited me to co-host a podcast he wanted to do about his history with Resistance Pro Wrestling. Of course, I joined and we have done 51 episodes as we work our way through the years.
Tommy wasn't content with one successful podcast. He started "Jesse Unplugged," with his good friend Jesse Anderson. This one is pretty self-explanatory. While Jesse speaks what is on his mind from personal events to world affairs, it is more like two friends catching up, because that is really what it is.
Enjoying the podcasting life, Tommy started "Losing Friends," a podcast where he explores different viewpoints on many topics, most of which are somewhat controversial. The name is a bit sarcastic, as it really isn't about losing friends, but more about allowing friends to discuss opposing opinions in a friendly manner.
To further his insatiable desire to conquer the podcast world, he started "Everything Else," a podcast about everything (and anything) else. Tommy discusses topical issues, as well as anything else on his mind. Part humor, part serious and part everything else. It's a virtual potpourri, but somehow Tommy makes it all flow seamlessly.
You'd think by now Tommy would be satisfied with his podcast empire. Instead, he is still expanding. His latest effort is "Checking In." On the surface, it is Tommy talking to his friends while social distancing. This might be the most socially relevant and interesting to the masses. Tommy "checks in" on his many friends during the self-quarantine. With his friends from various areas, lifestyles and professions, it is a look at how people are handling this current situation. These interviews are time capsule material for this period.
It is also a chance for Tommy's friends to get to know each other better. I have heard stories of Tommy's friends and training clients, but I don't know all of them. This humanizes them to me. I am getting to know these folks through these check-ins.
Will Tommy add more to his podcast family? Only time will tell, but I'd bet yes. In the meantime though, you can enjoy all of his podcasts on The "Or Else" Network on SoundCloud
Tommy Else and me in Chicago, IL-March 2013.

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