Monday, May 11, 2020

Friend Encounters: Neil Cicierega and Princess Etch

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Princess Etch (aka Jane Labowitch) is an artist who uses Etch A Sketches as her canvas. Her art is definitely unique, which is what drew me to her a few years back. We have interviewed the Princess a couple times, the latest with IPW Chicagoland champ Joey Roth handing the duties. Our latest interview with Jane can be found at On the Beat With Princess Etch.
Several years back, Princess Etch had an awesome celebrity encounter with Neil Cicierega. I'll let her tell all about it though.

The first Etch A Sketch I ever preserved was a gift for Neil Cicierega which I presented to him at Youmacon in 2009. Regretfully it would take many more Etch A Sketches to really get the hang of making my art permanent, and my work understandably didn't fully survive the flight home.
More than a decade later, Lemon Demon continues to be my favorite band and Neil continues to be my favorite YouTuber. I rarely have dark backgrounds in my Etch A Sketch art but I like how it makes the logo pop!
For those of you familiar with Lemon Demon, what's your favorite song? Mine is The Ocean, though Sweet Bod (demo version) is a solid bop too. Tbh tho they're all solid bops 🎶

Cicierega is an internet artist, comedian, actor, filmmaker, singer, musician, puppeteer, and animator. He created "Animutation," a form of flash animation. He has released albums of mashups, as well as more albums under the name Lemon Demon. Cicierega is as unique as Princess Etch.
Check out Princess Etch at Also, follow her at Princess Etch on Facebook for more frequent updates.
Neil Cicierega and Princess Etch in Detroit, MI-Summer 2009.

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