Saturday, May 2, 2020

On The Beat With Tommy Else of "Checking In"

In Podcast Pleasures my recent online piece for Global Traveler, I featured some of my favorite podcasts. That piece set a GT blog record for most pageviews. It included interviews with Jill Urchak of On A Quest and Adam Chalifoux of Running With The Bulls.
Space limitations and scheduling prevented me from running more interviews. Because of the popularity of that story, I reached out to some of the other podcasters for interviews. Earlier this week, I got an interview with Tommy Else of the "Checking In" podcast.
"Checking In" is Tommy's latest addition to his podcast empire. They are all entertaining in different ways, but I am particularly interested in "Checking In" for its' social relevance and impact right now.
On the surface, it is Tommy "checking in" on his friends during this time o social distancing. On a deeper level, it is really Tommy socially un-distancing. He is getting closer to his friends, but more importantly, his friends are getting closer to each other. I have met a few of the people he has interviewed so far,but I have heard of all of them. This is a chance for me to get to know them better. This is an opportunity for his circle of friends to get tighter, yet to expand.
In our interview we discuss all of this, along with Tommy giving us a look at future guests and the future of the podcast in general. Will it continue beyond the quarantine? Tommy reveals all in the interview.
While "Checking In" might have a limited audience of Tommy's frinds and friends of friends, the concept is really more my focus. If more folks did "Checking In" on their own, it would bring the world a bit closer. It would ease the isolation of staying home.
Thanks to Tommy for his time and consideration. I lok forward to hearing from more of his friends as he continues "Checking In."
You can find all of the "Checking In" podcasts on the Tommy Else YouTube channel. Also, you can listen to all of Tommy's podcasts on the Or Else channel on SoundCloud.

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