Wednesday, June 10, 2020

David Vox Mullen at Wizard World Chicago 2017

As the pandemic still is causing issues, Wizard World has postponed all live conventions through July. The next scheduled con is August 21-24 in Chicago. While I look forward to Chicago, I am recalling some of the fun I have had over the years at Wizard World.
David Vox Mullen is a multi-talented friend. He is an actor, musician, producer, writer, director, podcaster and more. Basically, he is a top notch entertainer.
I had the pleasure of interviewing DVM for Hero TV. That interview can be found at HeroTV 2018 Episode 8: David Vox Mullen. My HeroTV co-host PL Myers and I talk to DVM for 30 minutes, getting his thoughts on comedy, his career, his future and more.
A big part of his future is the DVM Production Empire. Launched in 2009, the DVMPE has been bringing interesting and varied podcasts to audiences ever since. Topics include television comedy, music and just about everything else. The DVMPE s open to all sorts o content.
DVM is a great guy. I'm sure our paths crossed many times at Wizard World, without me even realizing it. Finally in 2017, we managed to actually meet there.
While physical cons are not happening, Wizard World has been doing some fun virtual cons. These cons have featured the casts of LA Law, The Vampire Diaries, Perfect Strangers and more. More are being announced regularly.Nothing can replace a physical Wizard World event, but these virtual cons area great way to fill that void.
For more info on the DVMPE, check out the DVMPE Facebook page. Also, check for updates on their virtual and live events.
David Vox Mullen and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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