Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cards That Never Were: Baseball Card Breakdown's Mike Squires

A few days ago, I saw a comment on my post Sahvanna Jaquish Game One MVP. The comment from Brett Alan alerted me to a post on a blog that he felt would interest me. I clicked the link, which took me to the Baseball Card Breakdown blog, and was surprised to see Mike Squires Appreciation post (Post for Johngy).
The post started with a nice compliment to me, followed by Gavin lamenting that I have never commented on his blog. He wrote it was one of  his life goals to have me comment on his blog.
He mentioned my fandom of former Chicago White Sox player Mike Squires and to further sweeten the pot, he created seven custom Mike Squires cards. He went above and beyond by using pictures not seen on other cards. He made interesting card design choices, too. These cards are beautiful and much appreciated. Below is his take on a 1988 Topps hockey card featuring Squires.
I was completely blown away. Having someone compliment my blog is cool, but having someone go so far to dedicate a blog post to me, hoping for a comment is incredible and humbling.
The truth is I am a regular reader of Baseball Card Breakdown. The other truth is I do not comment enough on other blogs. There are so many great ones out there and I know how much comments are appreciated. With the second half of 2020 recently started, I will make a half-year resolution to comment more on other blogs.
Baseball Card Breakdown is very entertaining. Obviously, sports cards are a big part
 of the blog, but there is also other fun stuff, too. Recently, he featured a new dessert discovery. Because he is a self-admitted dessert guy, I wonder what his thoughts are on cannoli, the greatest dessert ever created.
One successful blog is enough for most of us, but not this guy. He also produces the 1991 MusiCards Blog, a fun trip through the 1991 Pro Set MusiCards set.
Brett Alan asked for a comment and I gave him one on the post, but Gavin's grand gesture deserved more. I encourage all to check out Baseball Card Breakdown and 1991 MusiCards. I appreciate both Brett and Gavin for this experience.


Brett Alan said...

I feel humbled to have played a role in a meeting of sorts between two blogging giants. Thanks!

Fuji said...

Both of Gavin's blogs are awesome reads. I'm hoping to one day have the opportunity to sit down with him, Rod, and Kerry on one of my trips to Portland.

Brett Alan said...

Reading this again, I just want to be clear: Baseball Card Breakdown is Gavin's blog, not mine. I was just the messenger. His post said to go find you, so I did!

Johngy said...

Brett-I admit I was a bit confused, but I get it now. I have adjusted the post accordingly. I appreciate you and Gavin for your efforts.

defgav said...

Thanks again for the comment! and for the nice words here! It might have been a silly scheme to get your attention for the heck of it, but I'm glad it worked out. And yes, I'm a big cannoli fan! :)

Johngy said...

Gavin-I'm not above a silly scheme either! Thank you again!