Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Global Women's Sports Radio's Spotlight on Megan Wiggins

I planned on covering the summer softball series between This Is Us Softball and the USSSA Pride, but Covid-19 caused TIU to stop playing. I will still be writing about various softball topics for Global Women's Sports Radio though. First up was Spotlight on Megan Wiggins.
I first met Megan during my first season covering the Chicago Bandits in 2014. A product of the University of Georgia, Megan was in her fourth and last season with the Bandits. Even as a novice softball reporter, I saw the talent in Megan. Over the years, I would also learn what a special person Megan is, too.
I was sad to see Megan get traded to the Pride after the 2014 season. At least I would get to see her several times a year when the Pride came to Rosemont for games. Last season, the Pride won the National Pro Fastpitch championship and defected from the league after the season.
During an August series, I had the chance to interview Megan about her legendary career and her other businesses. Megan runs Two-Five Refined, a training facility in Georgia. It is also the name of her antiquing business.
Megan got her passion and skill in antique restoration from her father. She has space in Olive Branch Antiques and Decor in Georgia. She often shows her handiwork on her social media pages.
I appreciate Megan for her time and consideration. It has been a real pleasure seeing her, covering her and knowing her all these years.
Check out Megan's training facility at Two Five Refined. Also follow Megan at @MeganWiggins25 on Instagram.
Megan Wiggins and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2019.

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