Friday, August 21, 2020

On the Beat With Kerry Feirman

When Henry from Global Women's Sports Radio messaged me about interviewing Kerry Feirman, I jumped at the chance. Already familiar with her work, I would not pass the chance to do a full length interview with this director, producer, emcee, tennis whiz and more.
As you can tell by the string of titles, Kerry is multi-talented and versatile. A top notch tennis player, Kerry wasn't content with just conquering the courts. She has excelled in every field she has entered.
I'll let Kerry tell her story in te interview below, but I must comment on things I took away from the interview.
Kerry gives off a very cool vibe. She's fun and refreshing, but make no mistake, she has worked very hard to get where she is and she continues to work hard. She just doesn't announce all of her effort, choosing to let her impressive resume speak for itself.
Throughout Kerry's career, she has stayed true to herself. The tennis world can be a bit more reserved than most sports, but Kerry never allowed herself to be plugged into a mold. It's that unique style that makes her a favorite in interview rooms and to her huge fanbase. On Talk Tennis With Kerry, she presents a great balance of entertainment and information.
Prior to the interview, I knew Kerry from what I had seen in videos and from my limited exposure to tennis. As I admitted to her, I am not a huge fan of tennis, but I always enjoyed her work. I am proof that you don't have to be a tennis nut to enjoy Talk Tennis With Kerry.
In the interview, or chat as she would say, she talked about carving out her own niche in the tennis world, her triumphs and challenges, her favorite interviews and her bucket list of interviews, travel, television, music and more. We talked for 30 minutes and I could have gone on for several hours. It was that much fun and she was so interesting. She made it very easy.
It was a pleasure talking to her and learning more about her. I encourage everyone to watch our interview and then check out her site and her YouTube videos. I hope to do an update interview with Kerry in the future. By then, she'll probably have several new ventures and I look forward to watching her career continue to develop.
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