Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Amanda Chidester Settles the Great Ceremonial Pitch Debate

The Athletes Unlimited Softball season came to an end yesterday. I will be recapping it all tomorrow, but for today, I am featuring a very important interview. As exciting and fun as the whole season was, perhaps the highlight for me came in Sunday's post-game press session.
Last season, I had the pleasure of throwing out a ceremonial first pitch for the National Pro Fastpitch Chicago Bandits. Despite being perfect in practice (of course), my actual pitch sailed a tad higher than I intended. In case you missed it, I am including the video of that pitch.
Despite the catcher Amanda Chidester very clearly catching the pitch without leaving her catching position, some naysayers insisted the pitch was not a strike, even calling it bad (thanks Jim Strong). Even Bandit Nation gave me a backhand compliment by stating it was better than Crystal's pitch (which actually went backwards).
I admit, on video, the pitch looks a bit off (although it is no Baba Booey), but it's a different view on the playing field. Insist as I might, everyone still felt the pitch missed the strike zone (to say the least).
On Sunday, when Amanda was in the press session, I knew it was my chance to settle the debate. At first, Amanda did not recall the pitch, but that's understandable considering she has caught hundreds of ceremonial pitches. It soon came back to her and she emphatically stated it was a strike. Who would know better than the catcher?!
I hope this finally settles the debate. People can question me as much as they want, but nobody should question Amanda. A star at the University of Michigan, Amanda's credentials include a lot of awards and accolades, most recently being named the 2019 NPF Player of the Year!
Thank you to Athletes Unlimited for the opportunity all season long. Thanks especially to Amanda for being a great catcher and a even better sport. Go to AUProSports.com for more info on the softball league and their other ventures. Also check ChicagoBandits.com for info on Amanda and the Bandits.

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