Thursday, September 3, 2020

Happy Birthday Matt

Today I am celebrating my nephew Matt Parker's birthday. While I usually exchange barbs with him, today I will be nice.
We'be had so many great times together. We've been on Major League Baseball fields, interviewed great (and not-so-great players), hung out with celebrities at comic cons, got ourselves on camera at wrestling shows and other fun stuff.
While we don't see each other as much now, I couldn't be happier and prouder of Matt. The picture below says it all. Matt has his own happy little family. It warms my heart and blows my mind seeing this.
Matt and Erin are going to have wonderful times with their daughter Delaney. I'll enjoy watching in person and via texts and social media. They are a beautiful family (and also with their dog Annie).
I hope Matt has a great day today. I wish him a happy birthday and the best of life always.
Matt, Erin and Delaney in South Haven, MI-June 2020.

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Nancy said...

Hope you had a great day Matt!!