Tuesday, September 1, 2020

On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Softball 08/30/20

The Athletes Unlimited Softball season started last weekend, with doubleheaders on Saturday and Sunday. All indications from players, staffers and fans point to it being a major success. Softball is back and in a unique and fun way.
As I have previously explained, the game is played the same, but an individual and team points system is in place. The individual scoring system seemed to be the biggest confusion and hesitation among fans, but the players love it and it didn't affect team play at all. In fact, it might be a boost to teams, as players want their teammates to rack up individual points, while their teams earn team points.
The top four individuals in points scored will be captains and pick next weekend's teams. My top pick was Cat Osterman, with Amanda Chidester, Megan Wiggins, and Aleshia Ocasio  Currently, Osterman and Ocasio hold two of the top four spots. While Wiggins and Chidester are in the top twenty. With one more game for everyone today, there is plenty of chances for change in the top four spots.
You can go to AUProSports.com for a complete explanation of the scoring system. You can also simply watch the games and enjoy great softball action and let the points fall where they may.
I attended media sessions featuring Haylie Wagner, Erika Piancastelli, Victoria Hayward, and Jazmyn Jackson. They talked about the fun they're having, the scoring system, drafting, and more.
One of the big takeaways from this weekend was the fun the players are having. Wiggins made a great catch in left yesterday and had a huge grin on her face. Home runs went sailing close to the expressway and players flipped bats, jumped, and celebrated.
The joy extended beyond the field, too. Bandit Nation, fans of the National Pro Fastpitch Chicago Bandits, watched on television and had a running commentary in their Facebook group. They were especially focused on Bandits playing in AU, but they were happy to see all of the players, most of whom play or played in the NPF.
Follow my coverage on GlobalTravelerUSA.com, Patch.com, GlobalWomensSportsRadio.com and here, of course. Also, be sure to go to AUProSorts.com for more info on the league and players.

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