Wednesday, September 9, 2020

On the Beat With Salena Dean of Girl Fight Wrestling

Continuing our coverage of Girl Fight Wrestling, I was “On the Beat” with “Small and Mean” Salena Dean. At Jawbreaker, Dean will battle the purple haired maniac Charlie Kruel, who I interviewed about a week ago.
Dean began her journey into the world of professional wrestling being trained by Roger Ruffen at the famous BoneKrushers Wrestling School in Ohio. While her grandfather was her biggest influence in life, Batista and Lita were her wrestling influences. A fan of wrestling her whole life, she entered that world in May 2018 and has been kicking butts ever since.
Confident and a bit cocky, Dean is an interesting study in character. She is completely self-assured, feeling she can beat anyone in the ring, including men. Yet, she also takes it very seriously, working out twice daily, while constantly trying to improve her skills in and out of the ring. Dean is definitely not a cookie-cutter heel.
She describes her ring style as submissions and ground work. Her signature move is the Fisherman's Suplex. She views her (rare) losses as learning experiences. These are the marks of a clean, technical wrestler, but when she talks about breaking jaws and drawing blood, you see the “mean” part of Dean.
As I am writing this and recalling our interview, I can see the well-rounded Dean eventually abandoning the dark side and turning into a “fan favorite.” The best faces come from the best heels. I see Dean making that transition to the delight of her fans.
Before that may happen, Dean will show her aggressiveness to Kruel at Girl Fight. Without taking Kruel lightly, Dean is very vocal in the interview and all over social media about hurting Kruel. She plans to turn Kruel's purple mane into a red mess.
In our interview, Dean talked about her start in pro wrestling, her upcoming bout with Kruel, what Girl Fight Wrestling means to her and much more. I completely appreciate Dean's time and consideration in our interview, but don't let her calm demeanor fool you. On September 26 at Girl Fight Wrestling, she will be anything but calm as she tears into Kruel.
Epic Wrestling Entertainment presents Girl Fight Wrestling Jawbreaker on September 26 at the Park Memorial UMC in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The Main Event is Mickie Knuckles versus Su Yung. That promises to be a great match, but Dean and Kruel are also determined to have a “Match of the Night” showing. I cannot predict a winner yet, except for the fans, who will be the real winners all night long.
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