Friday, September 18, 2020

On the Beat With Skye Blue of Girl Fight Wrestling

I was “On the Beat” with pro wrestler Skye Blue as my coverage of Girl Fight Wrestling continues. Already a fan of her work, the soft-spoken Blue impressed me with her composure and attitude.
Twenty year old Blue has been involved in wrestling for about four years (although her mom might say she started before she was born). Her actual journey began in her junior year of high school.
Blue has wrestled a lot of matches since her debut. She's wrestled women and men and has won some titles along the way. She has accomplished much at such a young age and experience level. You can see a lot of her matches on YouTube.
At Epic Wrestling Entertainment presents Girl Fight Wrestling Jawbreaker at Park Memorial UMC in Jeffersonville, Indiana on September 26, 2020, Blue will face Billie Starkz. When asked about the bout, Blue expressed her excitement about facing Starkz. She had high praise for Starkz, deftly avoiding a lot of the usual trash talk, even when I encouraged a bit of it. Blue's respect for Starkz and love of the sport supersedes any ego.
Echoing the sentiments of the truly great performers, Blue's stated goal for Jawbreaker is to “have the Match of the Night and to steal the show.” She's do what she has to do, because that's the sport, but her goal isn't to destroy Starkz. Her goal is to have a great match with Starkz.
Twenty year old wrestlers don't usually think like that. Twenty year old wrestlers don't often speak of the youth and skill level of an opponent either. Blue isn;t a typical twenty year old wrestler.
Throughout the interview, I saw this young wrestler, who spoke like a veteran. More accurately, she spoke like an old school veteran. Blue has such a love for what she does. Her main goal isn't to make it “big time,” although obviously that would be great, but to make a living wrestling. This harkens back to the days of territories, road trips and wrestling for the love of the sport.
Before Blue battles Starkz at Girl Fight Wrestling's Jawbreaker, she will have another exciting match on September 19. At Chicago Style Wrestling's "Alive & Kickin',” Blue will face Kylie Rae. This is another dream match for Blue and for wrestling fans. It's also one more stepping stone in building Blue's already impressive resume.
At Girl Fight Wrestling's Jawbreaker, the main event will be Mickie Knuckles versus Su Yung.
Other matches include Salena Dean facing Charlie Kruel, Seishin versus Hawlee Cromwell, Megan DiFrancisco battling Camron Bra'Nae, Nikki Victory taking on Big Mama, Bailey McRoberts dueling Lillie Lockhart, and of course, Blue and Starkz bout, which just might steal the show. That's a lot of great action, but that's the goal of Girl Fight Wrestling.
I sincerely hope Blue never loses that refreshing mindset. She has the skills and attitude to not only make a living at wrestling, but to succeed on a high level. “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder” is a line from an old song. I hope Blue never loses her sense of wonder.
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Jean Parker said...

Good luck Skye Blue this weekend!!

Johngy said...

Skye took a tough loss, but it was a great match between two young talents!