Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Chad Savage at Flashback Weekend

Flashback Weekend was supposed to have been in August, but the pandemic caused it to be postponed until next year. Until things return to normal, I can at least feel good thinking about the many interesting folks I have met there over the years.
Drawing at an early age, Chad Savage has turned his childhood fascination into a successful career. Specializing in the horror genre, Chad's work has appeared in print and on the web for many companies and projects. He started Sinister Visions, a company providing web design, print design, illustration, and more for horror and related industries. Sinister Visions currently hosts/manages close to 200 dark websites.
Chad offers a ton of merch. My favorite so far is ScareClown. What's no to love about a freakish clown? 
Chad doesn't need any suggestions from me, but I would love to see his take on sports mascots. Regular readers know of my fascination with mascots. I think Chad would make some awesome versions.
I always look forward to seeing what new stuff Chad has and he never disappoints. Hopefully, I will see him again this year when things calm down.
Learn more about Chad and his dark art at ChadSavage.com and SinisterVisions.com. Also check FlashbackWeekend.com for news and scheduling updates.
Chad Savage and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2018.

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