Friday, October 16, 2020

Krista Green at Wizard World Chicago 2017

The pandemic has interfered with the Wizard World summer schedule. While waiting for things to return to normal, I am recalling some fun over my many years at Wizard World events all over the country.
Sometimes some of the coolest guests are total accidents or surprises. Such was the case when I ran into Krista Green of WCIU.
Because of the size and activity happening, it's not easy to stand out at a Wizard World event. As I walked into Wizard World Chicago a few years ago, I immediately saw Krista. I was familiar with her work on WCIU and couldn't believe my luck in seeing her to start my day.
A 2015 grad of the University of Illinois, native Chicagoan Krista is the social media maven for The Jam. She is on top of the latest trends and viral topics. She has endless energy, charisma and personality.
Krista was at Wizard World doing features for WCIU, but she was kind enough to give this reporter a few minutes of her time in between her interviews. Krista even came dressed appropriately for aa comic con. Clearly Krista gives all for her job.
Krista is so much fun on WCIU and she was even more fun at Wizard World. She was the perfect person to cover such an event. She was totally in the spirit.
Krista is also a lot of fun on social media. You can find her at @ItsKristaGreen on twitter and at @ItsKristaGreen on Instagram.
Also, check for news on the revised schedule.  You don't want to miss any comic con fun.
Krista Green and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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