Thursday, October 8, 2020

On the Beat With the 2020 WNBA Champion Seattle Storm 10/06/20

Last night, the Seattle Storm beat the Las Vegas Aces 92-59 to sweep the WNBA Finals and win the 2020 WNBA championship. The victory ended an historic WNBA season.
The Storm finished with a record of 18-4, which tied them with the Aces for 1st place in the Western Conference and a #2 seed in the playoffs.
In early July, WNBA teams arrived at the IMG Academy in Brandenton, Florida. The teams played 22 games in “the Wubble” with no fans in attendance.
Right from the start, the league as a whole and the players individually made it clear this season was about a lot more than basketball. Using their platform to promote social justice, encourage voting and raise money and awareness for charities, everyone was united and consistent with their messages.
The WNBA was the first major pro sports league to restart during the pandemic. With a couple minor exceptions, which did not affect team rosters, everyone remained healthy. The WNBA set the example for the NHL and NBA to follow.
WNBA commissioner Cathy Englebert is already planning for the 2021 season. Although the shortened season started in August this season, the regular season usually starts in May. After the game last night, the Storm's coach Gary Kloppenburg and players Sue Bird, Breanna Stewart and Alysha Clark appeared in media sessions. All involved gave their thoughts on the series, the season and the historic importance of what was accomplished. Right to the end, all stressed the need for social change and voting. All stated the messages will not end with the end of this season. They will continue to use their platform to have their voices heard. This is bigger than basketball, but basketball will continue to allow them to promote their messages.
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