Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On the Beat With John Cosper of Eat Sleep Wrestle

Monday night I was back "On the Beat" with author John Cosper. As a returning guest, John is quickly becoming a favorite interview, because the sessions for me are a combination of talking to a friend and learning about the history of wrestling.

In this interview, we start with some serious chat about Charlie Kruel suffering a major concussion. Fortunately, Charlie seems to be okay, except for the loss of her gear.

Also, our friend the legendary Tracy Smothers is suffering more health issues. John gives a quick update in the interview, as well as on

On to happier topics, John gave us the details on two new books he will be writing for release in 2021. John is writing books on Princess Victoria and Chris Candido, two very interesting people who excelled in the ring.

Princess Victoria was a wrestling star in the 80s, but as I learned from John, her story goes well beyond her in-ring career. John spoke of the serious nature of the subject matter, but the importance of that story being told. Of course, I was familiar with her wrestling career, but I didn't know of her backstory. As tough of a read as it might be, I am really looking forward to learning more about her. John is working with Victoria, which will make this book even more personal and insightful.

Chris Candido was a tremendous wrestler who died too soon. An underrated, but very successful wrestler, Candido's story is another one I can't wait to read. John is teaming with Johnny, brother of Chris, which makes this a real insider's look into the fascinating life of Chris.

John's book resume keeps growing. Already an author of more than 20 books, John also mentioned a future project after the books on Princess Victoria and Candido. I am always interested in learning more about interesting wrestling folks and John is the perfect person to bring those stories to us.

I thank John for his time and consideration. I also look forward to continuing to hear his stories and his thoughts on wrestling. We even talked a bit about the Chicago Bears, but pehaps we brought them a bit of bad luck as they suffered a bad loss right after this interview.

I encourage everyone to check out for more info on John and his books. Also, look back here for recurring coverage of and with John.

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