Thursday, October 15, 2020

Robert Kramer of Double Treble Dueling Pianos

Earlier this week, I wrote about John Guerrini and Double Treble. Today, I am featuring Robert Kramer, the other half of Double Treble.
Like Guerrini, Robert is a long time accomplished musician. A serious neck injury interrupted his career a bit in the 90s, but it didn't stop his productivity. When not performing on stage, he turned his whole attention to composing, which led to an all original classical renaissance album, "Songs Of Past Lives."
Eventually, he also released his first commercial pop/rock record, "Blood On The Full Moon." Indie film Monkey Love used "Who Says?," a song from the album.
As I wrote yesterday, Double Treble blends original music with their takes on all forms of music from the Beatles to Vanilla Ice. They also mix in a bit of humor, to add to the fun without it becoming a joke fest. Double Treble is finely polished, while being completely naturally. They really are a fun act that I highly recommend. I also wrote more about seeing Double Treble at Double Treble at Moretti's for Global Traveler.
Check the Double Treble Dueling Pianos Facebook page for more info and updates. Go to for more info.
Robert Kramer and me in Morton Grove, IL-August 2020.

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