Tuesday, November 17, 2020

On the Beat With Kitsie Duncan

I have been a fan and admirer of Kitsie Duncan for many years. I have seen her at Flashback Weekend and elsewhere, but she's always so busy. I'm lucky if I can get a quick chat and a photo with Kitsie. Over the weekend though, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kitsie about her career and her recently released book.

As host and lead investigator for the Oddity Files, Kitsie has sought the paranormal in some of the most interesting haunted locations. In her book, I'd Rather Talk to Dead People: My Journey as a Paranormal Researcher, Kitsie shares her experiences.

The title of the book is no joke. Kitsie enjoys talking to dead people. Fortunately for me, Duncan was happy to talk to me last weekend. Ever a straight-shooter, Kitsie immediately explains the title. The rest of the interview is a 20 minute journey through her life.

As a fan and admirer of Kitsie's work for years, I was really excited about this interview. She's a fascinating person, who has done a lot of cool stuff, including delving into an area which intrigues me greatly. I have met Kitsie many times at various conventions and it is always fun around her.

Growing up afraid of the paranormal, Duncan started learning more about life after death after her father's passing. That thirst for knowledge led her to a career of paranormal research. That big turnaround surprised me, but that's Kitsie. She didn't start dabbling in the paranormal; she dove full force into it and we are all better for that. She has brought years of entertainment and knowledge to her audience.

That entertainment includes Oddity Files, an investigative paranormal reality TV show. Oddity Files is available on Amazon Prime, and the award-winning podcast can be heard on all major podcast apps. Kitsie doesn't just think there are spirits, she knows they exist and are at some famous locations. The Oddity Files gang visits those locations and delivers evidence, but ultimately lets the viewer decide. In our interview, Kitsie gives her usual straight take on non-believers.

Being an online writer for Global Traveler magazine, I had to ask Kitsie about her favorite and scariest locations. Of course, they are the same. She listed the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, Indiana, Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky and the Old Lake County Jail in Crown Point Indiana. It was as interesting hearing the stories as it was watching her eyes really come even more alive as she told them. In our interview, Kitsie discussed her experiences at these places, but she goes into much more detail in her book. She shares her stories and the stories of the spirits. I wrote more about those locations for Global Traveler at Kitsie Duncan and Haunted Locations.

I did get a bit of a kick out of sharing my tale of haunting at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee with Kitsie, who hadn't previously heard the rumors. I don't know if she will investigate the Pfister, although I hope she does. Either way it was cool to have a haunting story of my own.

I ended the interview asking what is next for Kitsie. With the health pandemic, the immediate future is uncertain, but book signing appearances are possible in the future. The situation also limits on-site paranormal investigating. Despite the current restrictions, I am certain Kitsie is working on more projects.

I already ordered my copy of I'd Rather Talk to Dead People and I look forward to reading about these historic haunted places and everything else Kitsie shares. There's no fluff with Kitsie. This book promises to be an intriguing journey with someone who has firsthand experience. I can't wait to read I'd Rather Talk to Dead People and I promise to write my review right here as soon as I do.

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