Monday, December 21, 2020

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today is another Gekas brother birthday. This time, brother Jim gets the birthday treatment.
I actually originally crossed paths with Jim back during our days at DePaul. I didn't know Jim then, though. I officially met Jim after his brother Chuck started at Lerner Newspapers. No matter the origin, Jim has become a great friend.
Oh sure, he might drive me crazy with his lack of punctuality, but if that is a person's biggest fault, it's a good life. Perpetual lateness aside, Jim is a great friend. (Editor note: Jim isn't always late and has gotten better, but I don't mind reminding him to prevent a backslide.)
Of course, Jim can always fire back with the history of me somehow causing him pain, like spilling a hot coffee on his lap or other such instances. Fortunately, we are both too mature to really get that petty.
Jim and I have had a lot of adventures with the Boys of Summer, the Michigan football trips and other shenanigans. 
He never ceases to amuse me with his somewhat distorted view of his favorite sports teams and players. For a person who knows so much about sports, Jim can sometimes view things through extremely rosey glasses, but that's part of Jim's charm.
We used to meet often for lunch, but the pandemic stopped that. Hopefully soon, we shall resume our lunch gab sessions.
For now, I will settle for raising a virtual toast to my dear friend. Happy birthday, Jimmy!
Chuck and Jim Gekas in Niagara Falls, NY-July 2014.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jim!! Hope you have a great day!! Best wishes for a great 2021!!

Nancy said...

Hope you enjoyed your day Jim.