Friday, January 5, 2024

Lucy Mendez (Mrs. Ace Steel)

If you have followed the CM Punk saga from his time in All Elite Wrestling, you definitely heard of Ace Steel. Part trainer, part back stage agent, part friend, Steel is connected to Punk.
Steel was fired by AEW during the Punk mess, then was rehired during the aftermath, only to be fired again when Punk left. Who was fired and who left on his own doesn't really matter.
This is just about Steel.
Actually, this is about Steel's wife Lucy.
That would be Lucy Mendez, former wrestler at Resistance Pro Wrestling, among other places. I had the pleasure of working with Lucy during her time with RPro.
Lucy was part of a very strong women's division at RPro. Starting with Melody Cruise, there were always great women wrestling at RPro.
Lucy was one of my favorites. I don't recall her getting any title shots (at least not one-on-one), but she was always putting on excellent matches. She was always also a fantastic interview, capable of talking wrestling and baseball. From the St. Louis area, she is a big fan of the Cardinals.
I always like the juxtaposition of the heel wrestler  Lucy versus the sweetheart regular Lucy. She was always good for a laugh, smile or hug outside of the ring, before or after kicking butt in the ring.
This is a Lucy appreciation post, as well as a Mrs. Steel 411 post. I have heard many references to Ace's wife or Lucy and figured I would introudce folks to her, if they didn't already know.
For the record, they married a few years ago. From all indications on social media, they are very happy and I am happy for Lucy (and for Ace, of ource).
Lucy Mendez and me in Willowbrook, IL-July 2013.

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