Friday, December 30, 2022

Carrie at Squared Circle Expo

The Squared Circle Expo returns to Indianapolis, IN April 7-8. I will be "On the Beat" as always. Carrie will also be there and she will be working a lot harder than me.
The wife and partner of co-promoter Adolfo, Carrie has a low profile at the event, but she is truly an unsung hero. Adolfo and other co-promoter Ed Gonzales had some ring time with their chosen wrestlers. Hardcore Heather Owens, wife of Ed and also a co-promoter, saw time as a ref in one of the matches. Carrie, however, kept her behind-the-scenes role.
I love all the promoters at SCX. They bust butt to make this a great convention. I have praised it many times over the years, but it really is one of the best conventions I have ever attended.
While she isn't in the limelight, Carrie is a big part of SCX. Whether it is at the ticket office or on the floor handling any number of impromptu situations, Carrie is always a welcome sight. She is the perfect partner for Adolfo and I am proud to call them and Ed and Heather friends.
When quality people do great things, it is the best situation. That is the case with SCX. That is why I promote them every throughout the year. They don't only work on SCX weekend. It is a year lomg endeavor. I simply try to highlight their effort and remind everyone to go to this event!
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Carrie Gedeon and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2017.

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