Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Birthday Louie

Today I celebrate the birthday of one of my oldest friends. Louie and I go back to September 1987, when I took his work chair (unbeknownst to me). Fortunately, we moved past that faux pas.

We've worked together ever since then, first for Lerner and then on our own for the last last 17 years. There's nobody better to be my business partner than Louie.

Of course, the bond goes beyond work. At a time when I was at a low point, Louie put me on his softball team, when I had no business playing with those guys. I'll forever be grateful though. I must admit, I did eventually become a decent part of the team. Still, Louie didn;t have to do it and I am not sure how it went over with the rest of the team at first, but it gave me a lot of fun at a time when I really needed it.

That is just one of our many bonding experiences. We signed on with Global Traveler to handle nationwide distribution when we had no idea how we would do it, but we did it. That was always Louie's motto. Grab it first and we'll figure it out. I was always the more tentative one. I guess together it was a good balance, because 33 years later, we are still friends and solid business partners.

Happy birthday Louie. Yes, you're still younger than me, but percentage-wise you are catching up.

Louie and the Boys of Summer in Denver, CO-Summer 2018.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Belated Birthday Louie!! I hope you had a great day celebrating with your family!

Nancy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Louie. Hope you had a great day!