Friday, March 19, 2021

Jessie Belle Smothers Is the Real McCoy

Jessie Belle McCoy made her wrestling debut in 2010, losing to Sassy Steph, one of our old favorites. Sometime in 2012, Jessie adopted the "Smothers" name.
Changing ring names is not a new thing in wrestling. Connecting yourself (either stated or implied) to famous wrestlers is an old tradition.
Of course there are legitimate wrestling relations. The Hart family, the Armstrong family and the Anoa'i are some of the bigger, more famous wrestling families. Of course, the Von Erich family is another, except for "cousin" Lance, although that's another story.
Then there are wrestling "families," that aren't related. Arn, Ole, Gene and Lars formed the Anderson family, although Gene was the only real Anderson. The "Anderson" connection worked well for all of them, though.
I don't know how Jessie Belle "joined" the Smothers family, but it was an interesting move. I am not sure Jessie ever stated that she is related to veteran wrestler Terry. It worked well for her and for Tracy, who really is a "Smothers." The pair has worked together many times though. Their relationship seems very natural.
This isn't stolen identity (like when the Giant was introduced as the implied son of Andre the Giant). Jessie apparently had the approval of Tracy.
The "relation" has helped both of their careers. Jessie already had embraced the south, much like Terry, the former member of the Southern Boys. The connection has increased their drawing power together and separately.
I'd love to know the backstory, although I am not sure either would break "kayfabe" and reveal the truth. Maybe it is better that way anyway. With so much of wrestling exposed these days, it is kind of cool this way.
Unfortunately, Tracy passed away last year. At least Jessie is still working hard and carrying on "the family" name.
Jessie Belle Smothers and me in Merrionette Park, IL-February 2014.

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