Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Carla Wyzgala at Wizard World Chicago 2017

The Pandemic caused havoc with the Wizard World convention schedule the last two years. A lot has changed, too. Wizard World was bought by Fan Expo. Wizard World will live on through Fan Expo, which has several events this year, including Fan Expo Chicago running this weekend, Thursday through Sunday.
Carla Wyzgala is a watercolor pin-up illustrator. Her artwork is a combination of femininity and strength, but always a celebration of the female form. She is also the co-creator and illustrator of Hidden Door Comics
Currently based on the west coast, Carla had her beautiful artwork on display in her hometown Wizard World a few years ago. Despite having a booth full or her work, it was only a fraction of her portfolio. Her site features much more, some of which is grouped as Skull Masquerade, Zodiac Burlesque, Witches and Mermaids, Comic Con Collection and Disney Boudoir.
Carla uses watercolors to make soft, flowing creations. I always find it interesting when artists like Carla tackled the rough world of sports. I love the merging of such opposites. One of my favorites from Carla is Stanley Cup 2013 Ice Crew girl. While it doesn't depict an athlete, it does delve into hockey. It is in keeping with Carla's usual focus, but with the sports twist. Also, it commemorates a Stanley Cup win of my beloved Chicago Blackhawks!
Carla's work is fantastic. I don't know if he will be appearing at Fan Expo, but I hope to see her this year. Fan Expo Chicago is July 7-10 and I will be "On the Beat" to see the new incarnation of a con.
Check out Carlations.com for more info on Carla and her creations. Go to FanExpoHQ.com for news and schedules for events all year.
Carla Wyzgala and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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