Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Grammar Police Watch: Sarcasm Meme

This is a recurring series in which I expose spelling and grammar errors I encounter. They are inexcusable to me. This series is dedicated to Roscoe Lindsey, my English teacher in high school and one of the best teachers I ever had. RIP Roscoe.
I wouldn't refer to Roscoe as "the grammar police," but he definitely promoted using the Queen's English. In this era of social media, spelling and grammar are often sacrificed for speed and space limitations. Roscoe was not happy about this situation.
The meme below made the rounds on social media. It attempts to use the Periodic Table of Elements to point out one's sense of sarcasm.
I could use sarcasm (or should I write “scaarsm”) to point the laziness, carelessness or plain stupidity contained in the meme. Instead, I will implore anyone making a meme or passing it around, double check the spelling. Misspelling sarcasm in a sarcastic meme deserves all the sarcasm it gets in in return.

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