Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Larry B. Scott on Baseball and Nerds

Several years ago, I met Larry B. Scott at Motor City Comic Con. Probably best known for his role in the Revenge of the Nerds film franchise, Scott caught my eye years earlier when he played Gerald LeFlore, father of Ron LeFlore in One In a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story.
Ron went from prison to playing nine seasons in Major League Baseball, including seven season with his hometown Detroit tigers and one season with my Chicago White Sox. He finished with one season with the Montreal Expos in 1982. LeFlore battled issues on and off, but seems to have been on the right track.
I might have been the only person to bring up that role to Scott when we met him. Of course, I also talked to him about his more famous role. Scott was a great guy, granting us an interview with no prior knowledge of us. Scott gave a fun interview, which has gotten one of the biggest responses of any interview I have done. For the rest of the weekend, Scott greeted us enthusiastically every time we walked near hi booth. Before we left, I made sure to thank him for his time and energy. He was really great.
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Larry B. Scott, Cuzz Gekas and me in Novi, MI-May 2018.

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