Thursday, August 24, 2023

Kevin Thorn, Wrestler and Realtor

Born in Tennessee, Kevin Fertig found fame in the wrestling ring under several monikers. He won several titles along the way, but I liked his stint as Mordecai the most, despite it being relatively short-lived.
After making his pro wrestling debut in 2000, he joined Ohio Valley Wrestling a couple years later and reached the WWE in 2004. Fertig created the character f Mordecai, a religious zealot, who condemned others for sins. I liked the character because it wasn't overly like a cartoon. Fertig kept it menacing and mysterious. It had potential, but the fickle nature of wrestling and the WWE didn't have patience for it to develop and Fertig went back to OVW. Since then, Fertig has wrestled on the independent scene and ECW, as well as returning to the WWE. He appears to be semi-retired now, having stated his last match at Blizzard Brawl was the retirement of Mordecai. Although less active in wrestling, Fertig is busy in another endeavor, running Kevin Fertig Realty in the Indianapolis area. 
I have had the pleasure of meeting Fertig several times. He is always eager to discuss his time in the ring, his WrestleMania appearances, Blizzard Brawl and more, including real estate. Fertig knows his business in and out of the ring and is a great guy.
Go to for more info on Kevin Fertig Realty. Also, check out Blizzard Brawl at for info and scheduling of that great event. Fertig has made several appearances at Blizzard Brawl, but you'll have to check the website for this year's guests.
Kevin Thorn and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2017.

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