Sunday, August 22, 2021

On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse 2021 Week 5

Today, Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse ends their inaugural season. It has been a great 5 weeks (30 games) of lacrosse.

I went into the season with very little knowledge of lacrosse. Having covered AU softball and volleyball, I know how the league works. Teams are redrafted and there is a single champ. The players run the league with no coaches, managers or owners.

I admit, I am still not an expert on lacrosse. I have gained a lot of insight into the sport though and I love what I have seen.

Of course, these women are elite athletes, the best in the country and beyond. The AU league has to be one of the biggest stages for lacrosse. These women athletes got exposed to a large new audience. I saw the viewership numbers and social media interaction increase every week. I'm not going to say I absolutely love lacrosse, but I want to see more. I'll definitely follow college lacrosse. I will also be looking forward to AU Lacrosse Season Two.

Yesterday, AU held their last regular season big media session. Kayla Treanor, Mollie Stevens, Sam Apuzzo, Emily Parros, Katrina Dowd and Kenzie Kent talked about the specific games, the season and more. I was particularly interested in their bonds they made and the takeaways they had from the season.

The media session can be found at On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse 2021 Week 5. Go to for more info on the AU leagues. Also, AU Softball starts next weekend.

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