Saturday, October 23, 2021

On the Beat With Greg Peters at Wizard World 2021

My coverage of Wizard World Chicago 2021 concludes with Greg Peters. It was my first time meeting the talented animator.
Greg has an impressive resume stretching back ten years. He has worked on Dilbert, The Critic and so many other shows. If you'rea fan of animated series, you have certainly seen his work.
When I saw Greg was appearing at Wizard World, I immediately reached out to him. Animation fascinates me and animators are unsung heroes. Comics writers and voice actors are probably more well-known, but animators are crucial to the productions. This is why I wanted to get an introductory interview with Greg.
Once again, Joey Roth handled the interview duties. Greg talked about some of the many projects featuring his work, his start in his field and much more. Joey's interview with Greg can be found at On the Beat With Greg Peters at Wizard World 2021.
Look for Greg on social media and look for his name in the credits of many of your favorite animated series. Go to for the latest news and updates.

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