Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Swag Week: Natisha Hiedeman Jersey

Swag Week features the cool stuff I have gotten while covering teams, people and events. 

Natisha Heideman was a star player at Marquette University. I first met her on Marquette Media Day in 2017. She was tops on my list to meet. I did not get to interview her, but at least I met her.
When I started covering the whole WNBA in 2020, Heideman was playing with the Connecticut Sun. Luckily, the Sun granted me Zoom media access and I landed my first interview with Heideman. I since have talked to her several time in Zoom sessions. That first interview with her can be found at On the Beat With Natisha Heideman.
Last year, the Sun held a contest giving away prizes including autographed jerseys. I am not sure how I ended up with Heideman's, but I am grateful however it happened.
Natisha Hiedeman 2020 Connecticut Sun jersey.