Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Absurdities: Enlarged To Show Texture

Absurdities is becoming a recurring series featuring things I find absurd. Since the world is "getting more and more absurd," as Elton John once sang, I don't think I'll have any trouble continually finding new material.

Today's feature is not a new one, nor is it exclusive to Cheerios. On the side of tis Cheerios box, a few Cheerios are depicted about the size of quarters. Below this oversized Cheeries is fine print reading "enlarged to show texture."

Thank you for clarifying that. Otherwise, I would have thought I'd only be able to fit 15-20 Cheerios in my breakfast bowl.

Of course, this really comes down to one knucklehead (or perhaps one opportunist). If Cheerios (and others) do not print that disclaimer, someone will write that the picture is misleading. Someone might even sue because it caused emotional distress.

On a related note, maybe it would be cool if Cheerios did create their looped oat bits that size. They could be like mini-oat crackers.

1 comment:

Jean Parker said...

I love the idea of an Oat size cracker. Will be waiting for more "absurd" articles ...