Friday, December 24, 2021

On the Beat With Jared Bartemeyer at C2E2 2021

Today, I present the last interview I did at C2E2 2021. This interview came as the result of happenstance and an energetic promoter.
I thought I had finished my work at C2E2 when I came upon a booth running a movie trailer. A positive man approached me, with an enthusiastic soft pitch for the movie. He offered to introduce me to the man behind the project. When Jared Bartemeyer started talking about the project, I became intrigued and asked for the interview at that point. Our interview can be found at On the Beat With Jared Bartemeyer at C2E2 2021.
A Chicago area native, Jared is the owner and publisher of the made-fr-screen epic Eden Skye. The story is described as "chronicling the life's journey of a young woman named Lyra, her journey home and the vast expanse of what it means to belong. Watch the video to get a better description, straight from Jared.
What struck me the most is Jared saying he produced something he wanted to watch that he hadn't seen. He didn't follow some current trend. He produced from his own vision and passion and that is what will lead to his ultimate success.
I also learned his energetic frontman was his dad! It's the perfect team. Dad knew how to draw people in, as I was just one of many folks intrigued by the trailer. I look forward to seeing both of them again at a future con and getting an update on this project.
Until then, I encourage all to go to for more info on Jared and his work. Also, check for news and updates on C2E2 2022.

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