Saturday, October 16, 2021

Gavin Smith at Wizard World St. Louis 2017

It's Wizard World weekend!! I have been looking forward to seeing all of the celebrities and my creator friends. Gavin Smith is one of the many awesome artists I have met at Wizard World.
Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Gavin is a freelance artist. He has worked on The Accelerators for Blue Juice Comics, Ghost in the Shell for Kodansha/Penguin Random House, motion comics for AT&T, a horror adaptation of Pop Goes the Weasel for Line Webtoon and much more. He also does commissions.
One of my favorite pieces of his is his Captain America. At cons, you see a lot of superhero stuff, but it is usually the big three of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It was cool to see a Captain America and his was just awesome. I would love to see what he could do with old school Aquaman.
Follow Gavin and see his cool art at @GavinPSmith on twitter. Go to for more info and scheduling. Check back here for my recurring coverage.
Gavin Smith and me in St. Louis, MO-April 2017.

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