Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Jason Nugent at Wizard World St. Louis 2017

Fan Expo is the world's largest comic con, having bought Wizard World a couple years ago. There are more than a dozen Fan Expo events, with Chicago's event running August 10-13. 
Since taking over Wizard World, Fan Expo has not skipped a beat. They deliver the same con experience. There are celebrities, creators, vendors, cosplayers and much more. If not for the signage, it would be hard to tell the difference.
One of my favorite parts is meandering through Artist Alley, meeting creators of all sorts. That is where I met author Jason Nugent. A best-selling author and resident of southern Illinois, Nugent has authored several books, focused on fantasy, sci-fi and more related subjects. On his website, it states he is a one time BBQ champion, who has skated with Tony Hawk and several other interesting achievements.
His books include a fantasy adventure series, a thrilling young adult scifi series, short stories and more. In the picture below, he is holding The Selection, a book in The Forgotten Chronicles (Rise of the Forgotten and The War for Truth are the others). It's the story of a boy on another planet who has 30 days to fight through various obstacles to get to Victory Point. It's a fantasy story of survival with pkenty of twists along the way.
Nugent has not been announced for Fan Expo yet, but there will be plenty of author authors and other creators there. Of course, I will be there "On the Beat" as usual.
Go to JasonJNugent.com for more info on Jason. Check FanExpoHQ.com for scheduling and updates.
Jason Nugent and me in St. Louis, MO-April 2017.

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