Friday, January 14, 2022

Meeting Mackenzie O'Brien

Last summer, I went to Northbrook Days to see Mackenzie O'Brien perform. I had heard her music, but had not seen her in person and this was the ideal place to see her perform.
I contacted her earlier in the week, asking if I could get a picture with her prior to her show, because I wasn't sure I could stay until the end. She was very gracious. When we arrived, the band was doing sound checks, which gave us a little preview of her show.
When it was done, we approached Mackenzie and she could not have been nicer. Her father soon joined us and we talked for about 20 minutes. Mackenzie has done more than 400 shows all over. She has been to Nashville, but feels she will do better based here for now. 
Mackenzie released "Hummingbird, an EP in 2020. The title is a nod to a nickname she had as a youngster because of her habit of humming tunes. She has an album titled "Stars and Stripes" planned.
We finally let Mackenzie get to her business in time to start her show. She then delighted us and the crowd with a solid set of music. I was already a fan, but I really appreciate her much more now and will continue following her career.
I wrote more about the night for Global Traveler at Northbrook Days. Also, check for more info and news on this bright, young talented singer.
Mackenzie O'Brien and me in Northbrook, IL-August 2021. 

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