Tuesday, January 25, 2022

On the Beat With Linda Kay at Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

On Saturday, I trekked to Cedarburg, WI for Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's Golden Days, featuring Terri Runnels. I wrote more about the whole night for Global Women's Sports Radio at Golden Days Was Solid Gold.

One of the highlights for me was an interview I got with Linda Kay, who was the unexpected star of last month's Blizzard Brawl at GLCW. That interview can be found at On the Beat With Linda Kay. Unfortunately, my usual video camera wonked out on me and my backup was not great for audio.

I talked to Linda about her stealing the show at last month's Blizzard Brawl. Ever-humble, Linda said she just had fun. I asked about her future in the ring and she did not rule out more in-ring action. Whether it is wishful thinking or not, to me that means we will eventually see Linda wrestling again. At least I hope so.

On Saturday, Linda was the ring announcer and she did her usual fantastic job pumping up the crowd. At Blizzard Brawl, though, Linda was supposed to be the guest ref in a women's tag match. That plan quickly went away, as Linda ripped off her ref shirt and made it a six-women tag match. Even at that point, I figured Linda would wrestle a bit, and probably get the pin, but only after her tag mates beat the opponents into submission.

I was almost completely wrong. Linda did get the pin, but she earned it. Linda didn't just make a cameo wrestling appearance. She stole the show in the ring. She had moves and holds. She gave a beating and took a bit of a beating, too. In the end, she got the pin on her own as the crowd erupted.

Linda did far more than I expected and she did it extremely well. I am not exaggerating thinking she stole the show. No offense to the other fine wrestlers on the card. They did great, but we expect that from them.

GLCW's next event is Too Cool, featuring Scotty 2 Hotty and Natalya Markova on Saturday, February 26 at Circle B Recreation in Cedarburg, WI. Will Linda be back in the ring wrestling? Will she confront Markova? Check back here for more updates and hopefully a new, better interview with Linda.
Go to GLCWWrestling.com for more info. Also, check here for recurring coverage of GLCW.

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