Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Ali Cantarella Loves Johngy's Beat

Johngy's Beat Contributor Joey Roth and I interviewed artist Ali Cantarella at C2E2. That interview can be found at On the Beat With Ali Cantarella at C2E2.

I have been a fan of Ali's work for years. A couple years ago, I asked Ali to do her version of the Johngy character. The next time I saw her, she presented me with her creation which blew me away. I made a special Cantarella Ink Edition Johngy's Beat shirt and presented it to her at C2E2.

Ali was kind enough to do a promo for Johngy's Beat while wearing the shirt she designed. How cool is that?

I return the favor and encourage all to check out Cantarella.Ink to see all of Ali's beautiful works. Also, follow her on social media to see the latest fun things she is doing. Lastly, go to for updates and news on C2E2 2022.

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